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The HappyWalrus Network

Welcome to the HappyWalrus Network, a site created for the sole purpose of directing you to great places where you can get free stuff such as free cell phones, games, and software. You'll also find information on how you can get paid to take surveys online, read emails, or even get paid to shop at your favorite stores! Additionally the HappyWalrus Network also provides links to resources on making web pages, using Photoshop, 3d Studio MAX, as well as information on how you can get great bargains on your favorite consumer electronics such as digital cameras and notebooks! Explore the web site using the navigation on the left, and be sure to check out everything, because you might find something new that you've never known about before! Your inner walrus will thank you! If you like this website, tell your friends about it!

Free Stuff

Cell Phones - You can get free cell phones and even cash back on free cell phones! Don't go to your local cell phone store and buy there because you'll be paying too much (even on free phones)!

Games - These games are 100% free. No demos, no shareware, it's just good free fun.

Software - Great free applications that can make you more productive, make your computer more secure, or are just for fun!

Stuff - Get some great free stuff here! Who doesn't love free stuff anyway?

Make Money

Paid Surveys - Taking surveys online is a great way to earn some extra cash, and this page will guide you to the necessary resources in order to obtain that cash!

Paid Emails - Wouldn't it be nice if you could get paid to click on emails? Well, it's happening, right here, right now, so check it out!

Mystery Shopper - You can go around shopping at places, fill out a form, and get paid. Not bad huh?


Making Web Pages - The Internet is a powerful tool for people who can create content: use these tutorials to harness your power!

Photoshop - As the most respected and recognized graphics editing tool in the world, Photoshop is also quite complicated, and thus these tutorials will assist you in creating great graphics.

3d Studio MAX - Simple tutorials for a complex, powerful 3d graphics and modeling program!

Cheap Web Hosting - A lot of people pay way too much for web hosting, so these are some links to some of the cheapest and best web hosts on the net.

Bargain Websites - If you ever buy online, check out these bargain websites first otherwise it's more than likely that you're spending wayyyy too much, even if you use a price comparison service!

Learn Photography - Learn digital camera and digital SLR photography. It's easy and made for beginners. Free!

Quick Links

Paid Surveys List - Get paid to take surveys at! There's tons of great survey companies listed paying between $2 and $200!!

SurveySavvy - A great survey site that has extremely good payment opportunities and no payout restrictions, so you may get paid with any amount in your account.

Get a Free Cell Phone - Don't buy your cell phone from your local store! You can get a nice free phone or even cash back on a phone if you buy it online, saving you hundreds of dollars!

Get Paid to Read Emails - A comprehensive list of companies that pay you to read emails. You gotta check it out!

Online Photography Help, Tips, and Tutorials - All sorts of great tutorials that are designed for beginners. It's free and no signup is necessary!


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